BB Bollards

Like its peer the Onyx bollard, the BB bollard has been designed by the lighting designer Agathe Argod.

A powerful and aesthetic product

The BB bollard is a powerful and responsible way of lighting.


It is already very popular for its many advantages :

Just like the Onyx bollard, the solar panel positioning on both sides of the device, allowing to catch the sunlight even in winter when the sun is low in the sky, and regardless of the orientation of the bollard.

Its lighting power of up to 5 watts and its special 150/23° optics allow a spacing between 12 and 15 meters.

Thanks to the wood and its discreet and elegant design, it fits in any environment.




Depending on the need, the BB bollard is available in FSC certified exotic wood class 4 or in Accoya wood (guaranteed for 20 years and without maintenance).

It is fixed to the ground by burying it in the ground with two gala steel blades.

Two sizes are available for this model.