A sustainable marking solution for all landscapes

The Crystal Stud is the ideal marking solution for many applications. Cycle paths, public square, pedestrian lane, etc.

Its glass sleekly diffuses the light, and the application Nowatt Lighting allows programming 100 % tailor-made scenarios. You can choose among one million lighting colors, with dynamic animations.

The Crystal Stud can resist to a compression up to 3 tons (suitable for the passage of vehicles up to 32 tons).

A beautiful marking stud entering the DARK SKY philosophy.

A complete line for all applications

The Crystal Studs are a family of diverse products each adapted to various kinds of projects.

The PLRE2 and PLRE4 are controlled thanks to the Nowatt Lighting application on Smartphone or tablet. The studs operate independently from one another. They can be programmed for a certain duration after sunset and before sunrise.

The PLRE2 have white LEDs. The temperatures available are amber and 3000 K.

The PLRE4 have RGBW Leds and can offer a million possibilities of colors.

The PLRE5-MESH operate in network, allowing a synchronized scenario. They can communicate among themselves but also with other wired lighting products by DMX. These devices are especially used for dynamic lighting scenarios.

A product that respects local biodiversity

Crystal studs are marking products. Their luminous flux is less than 100 lumens. They are therefore excluded from the scope of the decree of 27 December 2018 relating to the prevention, reduction and limitation of light pollution.

“The markings whose function is mainly to ensure safety or security on a path but whose luminous flux does not ensure visibility for circulation are excluded from the scope of the decree. Installations with a unit luminous flux of less than 100 lumens are considered to be marking devices.”

An easy installation in all grounds

The Crystal Stud is easy to install, in most of the cases by simply drilling and sealing the stud. There is no wiring works. Please refer to our user guide for more information.